Chasing After Ghosts

Chasing After Ghosts
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Subtitled “A critique of anarchist organizing, and its worst contradictions, in the North American context,” Chasing After Ghosts is a thorough critique of the anarchist milieu in the United States and Canada. It’s a strong and realistic critique that collects a lot of criticisms that have been said it various places and weaves them into a single critique. Going back to the anti-globalization era, it looks at many different anarchist practices: Food Not Bombs, summit protests, Really, Really Free Markets, collective houses, etc and discusses the limits (and in some cases positive attributes) of different anarchist practices. Chasing After Ghosts also delves into many anarchist controversies and debates including local organizing, coalitions, working with liberals and leftists, etc. The zine also offers some suggestions on where anarchists can go from here. It’s relevant to our local context (Grand Rapids, Michigan) and parts of it are likely relevant in cities across North America.


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