Counter-Info: A "How-To" Guide

Counter-Info: A "How-To" Guide
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This is a zine-formatted version of an article that originally appeared on It’s Going Down that explains how to launch and maintain an anarchist counter-information website. The intent of the article is to encourage the use of websites (as well as other means of communication) to increase the visibility of anarchist ideas, practices, and forms of resistance. It offers practical advice on setting up a website, doing outreach, etc.

Along with the original guide, this zine contains excerpts from an essay explaining the use of counter-information as an approach to media by anarchists in Greece. It gives some helpful context for the use of the term amongst anarchists.


Anarchist counter-information plays a crucial role in building our force. Counter-info can not only spread our ideas and analysis with others, but it also helps to build connections between different circles of antagonists that might not otherwise encounter one another. There may also be some truth to the theory of momentum; when it seems like there is more activity, it motivates more people to take more action.


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