Critical Thinking as Anarchist Weapon

Critical Thinking as Anarchist Weapon
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This zine is focused on helping anarchists develop critical thinking skills as a means of generating theory that will better enable them to act in the world. The zine is subtitled “Some tools for use in debates, discussions, meetings, study groups and in developing an incisive anarchist theory and practice” and to that end it offers two essays (“An Introduction to Critical Theory” and “What is Ideology?”) alongside an excerpt from Max Stirner’s The Ego and its Own. Also include are is a comprehensive list of logical fallacies which can used both for desconstructing others’ arguments and sharpening your own.


The development of an anarchist practice that can act intelligently requires a capacity to analyze the situation in which we are struggling in terms of our desires and our principles. In other words it requires the practice of theory. In order to avoid the transformation of our theoretical endeavors into ideology — the reification of ideas into dominating concepts that control and direct our thinking — it is necessary to grasp certain tools, particularly those that allow us to think critically.


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