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Whatever You Do, Don't Talk to the Police

Whatever You Do, Don't Talk to the Police

This short zine/pamphlet offers basic advice for people engaged in political activity who will likely encounter police as a result of their political work (everyone will, it’s only a matter of time). The zine starts with the premise that people should not talk to the police and offers practical suggestions on how to minimize interactions and avoiding incriminating one’s self and other participants. From their it moves on to discuss the importance of making opposition to police an essential part of grassroots organizing. It also offers some basic tips on attending street demonstrations as well as suggestions on how minimize the potential negative ramifications of social media usage.


It is the role of the police to protect private property and government order. They will use violence and coercion, and break the law whenever they feel it necessary to break us down. That means it is our responsibility to support each other materially, psychologically, and emotionally as we resist the police and the state.


Note: Zine PDFs are hosted on Archive.org, a service that does not log IP addresses.

Whatever You Do, Don't Talk to the Police was added to Sprout Distro in 2017