One Four Seven

One Four Seven
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Subtitled “some notes on tactics and strategy in Durham’s recent anti-police marches” this zine from Durham, North Carolina was published in December 2014 after a rowdy anti-police march in response to then recent police killings. The zine focuses primarily on the tactics used by the marchers, mixing in a description of what happened along with analysis of how things worked and didn’t work. Among the topics covered are combative tactics, barricades, highway takeovers, kettling, and de-arresting. Throughout the discussion there are a number of insights shared that could be applicable to similar situations elsewhere.


Whether highway takeovers continue or not, we would continue to explore various tactical options. What other avenues exist to take over space, express our rage against this system, and disrupt the running of the city, its economy and the various mechanisms that reproduce whiteness? We can imagine unpermitted cop-free block parties, occupied buildings, the downtown jail blockaded at every entrance, the gleeful shopping sprees of Southpoint Mall disrupted by hundreds of bodies, highschool walkouts, community substations vandalized every night, the Black-led disruption of white church services (a common tactic used in Birmingham in 1963), walls painted from head to toe with the names of those stolen from our communities by the state, symbols of complacency or a return to normality attacked, and a hundred other things. Certain methods of discontent will speak to some more than others, but all of them could combine to make us all more powerful.


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