Organizing Social Spaces as if Social Relations Matter

Organizing Social Spaces as if Social Relations Matter
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In this essay, anarchist Cindy Milstein looks at how anarchists organize social spaces and asks how our efforts would be different if we organized in a way that prioritized social relations. Acknowledging that anarchist social spaces often are not the most welcoming spaces, Milstein shares reflections on the topic sparked by her participation in the 2013 Social Spaces Summit held in Unceded Salish Coast Territories. These reflections ask important questions about how things would look in our spaces and in our resistance if we organized in a way that emphasized the importance of social relations. This is a challenging zine in that it asks anarchists to think deeply about the environments we are creating within our spaces of resistance.


As I said earlier in this essay—this letter in an envelope with your name on it—I know that I haven’t done justice by a long stretch to describing “organizing social spaces as if social relations matter.” The one and only way to do so is to try it out for yourself in person. You’ll know when it’s working because you’ll feel it, like many of us did in the miraculously grand spaces of Occupy and other uprisings. So let’s all get going to boldly, imaginatively, sometimes with success and oftentimes with failure, give it a friendly new go in our favorite real-life spots of everyday anarchism.


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