Ours: Occupation Guide

Ours: Occupation Guide
  • Added to Catalog: 2017
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This guide combines insights on building and land occupations from two groups based in San Francisco: Homes Not Jails and Occupy the Farm. While the context will likely be different for folks not living in those areas, the suggestions and analysis offered within the zine provide helpful ideas for anyone thinking of undertaking an occupation. The section on building occupations presents a case study of the SF Commune at 888 Turk and draws insights from that experience, while the land occupation discussion focuses on the use of farming as a means of occupying land. In both cases, many important issues are raised. Beyond the practical advice, there is plenty of inspiration scattered throughout this zine.


As with any action, this occupation occurred in a specific time and place. The political climate and attitudes and policies of the San Francisco Police regarding handling protests and protestors have changed significantly since the SF Commune. Tactics should not take precedence over strategy and both should be constantly evolving.


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