Some Remarks On The Need For Open Assemblies in Berlin

Some Remarks On The Need For Open Assemblies in Berlin
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While rooted in recent experiences in Berlin, this zine is a worthwhile consideration of anarchist assemblies and their possible uses as informal structures able to facilitate actions without the need for formal organizations. The zine argues in favor of an approach in which affinity groups call assemblies on an “as-needed” basis to sharpen both contemporary struggles and analysis. It argues in favor of an organizing culture in which anarchists embrace a plurality of different views and perspectives and facilitate ways in which these perspectives can be shared, rather than “organizing” anarchists into one particular group, campaign, or struggle. The zine has a lot of important suggestions and ideas that could help facilitate a shift in how anarchists conceive of organization, affinity, and political identity.


Instead of deciding to have a once a month assembly taking the same format regardless of the content being discussed, we want to see affinity groups or other groupings taking the initiative to call assemblies when they see them as needed, and picking a specific form that fits the context. Some of the many appropriate moments to call an assembly for us, could be: after an attack/raid on a house, to discuss how we want to respond to it; prior to an up-coming demonstration, eviction or action; in order to have a more general discussion on a specific theme, and to develop critiques together; to discuss strategies for moving forward and analysing our current situation in a more general sense; to plan solidarity with struggles happening outside of Berlin; to evaluate the successes and failures of a recent large events, and through such a collective evaluation to also test out our principles and visions of struggle.


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