Talking to the Media: A Guide for Anarchists

Talking to the Media: A Guide for Anarchists

talking to the media coverThis is a guide produced by Crimethinc for anarchists who are considering doing work with the media. It has a lot of helpful tips, considerations, and the like. It has important information about being realistic with what you can hope to achieve, some of the risks that you face when talking to the media (legal and otherwise), and offers some suggestions on how to actually engage with the media.

Overall, it’s a useful guide but it’s important to remember that there is also a case to be made for not engaging with the media at all. We recommend the zine “Caught in the Web of Deception” for more on that. Together the two zines provide a good overview of the potential pitfalls of engaging with the media as anarchists.

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Excerpt from Talking to the Media: A Guide for Anarchists

Anarchists and others have long been critical of the function of the media itself. Yet it’s not always possible to avoid press coverage; in the information age, it’s spin or be spun. When we act effectively in pursuit of social change, media outlets will seek to represent us to the general public—and unless we can disrupt their narratives, most people will see us through their eyes.

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