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The Really, Really Free Market: Instituting the Gift Economy

This zine is a reprint of a piece by Crimethinc that explains what a “Really, Really Free Market” is and how to organize one. It’s a good introduction to the essentially free flea markets called “Really Really Free Markets” and how they can potentially be used to spread anarchist/anti-capitalist ideas. The guide is very comprehensive, covering everything from advertising to potential drawbacks.


The ’Free Market is not just a means of getting stuff without paying. Long-term participation in ’Free Markets dispels the materialist programming that makes people covet useless items by denying access to them, and demonstrates just how possible and fulfilling the anarchist alternative is. It also presents a point of departure for further struggles: if this is what we can do with the scanty resources we’re able to get our hands on now, what could we do with the entire wealth of this society?


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