The Spaces Between

The Spaces Between
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This zine contains writings from anarchists in North America (primarily the United States) who live outside the anarchist “hotspots” on the coasts. It consists of a series of responses to interview questions posed by The Spaces Between project. Respondents come from cities covered are Evansville, Minneapolis, rural British Columbia, Modesto, Louisville, Athens, and Tucson.

The questions and responses cover a number of important issues including general political understanding, how people combat isolation, how they relate to the larger anarchist space, and the type of projects people are engaging. This is essential reading for anarchists in North America, as it should ideally broaden our understanding of what it means to be an anarchist and what anarchy looks like in a variety of different places.


“...we don’t live in anarchist disney world. We live in those places where nothing feels flammable and everything can feel impossible. We live in the those places where we are truly engaged in what can best be described as the project of anarchy. Often there is no Left to fall back on in these places. Or maybe there is a Left, acting as the thorn in the proverbial side and the wet blanket on the flames. For so many of us there is no radical lawyer on the other end of your jail call. There are just your friends who answer the call...”


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