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Together: Booklet to Form Affinity Groups

Together: Booklet to Form Affinity Groups

“Together” is a lengthy zine that explains how to create affinity groups as a tactic for political action. The zine is very comprehensive, looking at how to form affinity groups, challenges affinity groups face, coordinating between affinity groups, how to make decisions, and more. The zine is also offers helpful suggestions for analyzing actions and looking out for poor group dynamics. The zine comes out of Germany and as such has a different context than what one might encounter in North America, along with a few translation issues. Still, it is worth consulting.


You might ask now: 'This is just rock within the head, what does it mean exactly? How do we concretely fight against this fixed world of authority and standardisation?' The only answer that came to our mind and makes sense, is the following: We take matters into our own hands. We arrange the relationships among ourselves in another way than what suggests the social normality. We battle against categories like 'gender' or 'nation'. We develop our own norms. Or, at least we will try that. This isn't simple at all. For example, we don't orientate ourselves on the requirement of 'achievement'. We develop our own rhythm, our own time to do things: writing leaflets, concocting campaigns, preparing activities and so on. If sometimes discussions take a lot of time for that because everyone has to say something: this isn't non-productive but necessary.


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