A World Without Police

A World Without Police
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This guide is published by the excellent website AworldWithoutPolice.org which has as its goal the complete abolition of the police. To that end, this pamphlet provides an excellent introduction to the problem of the police (exploring their history and reasons for existing), as well as offering many specific suggestions for moving towards a world without police. The discussion centers a strategy of disempowering, disarming, and disbanding the police with practical ideas of what that could look like and what it would take to get there. Overall, this is an excellent pamphlet that would be great for getting in the hands of folks who aren’t already familiar with critiques of police and policing.


You can’t reform a landmine, but you can dismantle it, destroy the factories that made it, and dissolve the governments and businesses that profit of of its existence. In the same way, we’re not fighting for a new police—nicer, more diverse, with better training than their predecessors—or even a new justice system. We’re fighting for a world without police.


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