Prisoner Letter Writing & Support

Prisoner Letter Writing & Support

This guide comes from the Detroit Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) explains the how and why of writing letters to prisoners. It includes tip for finding prisoners to write to, what to write about and how to develop correspondence with prisoners, and what not to write. It also discusses other communication options with prisoners including email and books to prisoners projects.


The purpose of prison is to isolate people from interaction with the outside world. When we write to prisoners, we help keep their links to the outside world open. This an act of defiance against the carceral state’s attempts at destroying these freedoms. Every day, the carceral state targets people who have made our social movements possible - protesters, organizers, reporters, whistleblowers, strikers, rioters, members of revolutionary groups. We write, because they have fought for our liberation, and we must fight for theirs.


Zines are in PDF format. Choose imposed for printing and reading for reading on your device. The files are hosted on, a service that does not log IP addresses.

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