3 Positions Against Prison

3 Positions Against Prison Cover

This zine offers an excellent critique of prisons, arguing that prison is not just a physical site but also a condition that exists within society. Specifically, it offers a solid analysis of prison abolition, arguing that in seeking to “shrink” the prison industrial complex, abolitionists often end up replacing prison with other less brutal institutions. Consequently, prison doesn’t disappear but rather its mechanisms – surveillance, militarization of the police, etc – spread throughout society.

ALF Prisoner Support: The Basics

ALF Prisoner Support: The Basics

This zine provides basic tips on doing prison support for prisoners associated with the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). Of course, the tips – from explaining what to write (and what not to write) in letters to prisoners to ideas for sending books to prisoners. A good, short, basic overview.

Earth Warriors Are OK! Zine

Earth Warriors Are OK! Zine

This is a very good zine for people interested in doing prisoner support work. It’s a mix of updates about the “Green Scare” that has targeted animal and earth liberation warriors in the Midwest as well as practical advice on how to support prisoners (how to write them, ideas for starting support groups, etc), advice on dealing with Grand Juries, and advice on dealing with general repression. A very thorough resource.

How to Start a Prison Books Collective

How To Start A Prison Books Collective

This comprehensive zine provides an excellent introduction to starting a prison books projects. It covers everything that anyone interested in starting a book program would need to know including logistics, finances, fundraising, getting books, process, and other details. In addition, the zine also provides a sample mission statement, fundraising letter, resource guide, and zine catalog. It was produced by two longstanding prison books projects, Books through Bars in Philadelphia and the Prison Books Collective in Carrboro.

Seven Years Against Prison

Seven Years Against Prison Cover

This zine celebrates seven years of prison noise demos in Southwestern Ontario. It features an essay recounting the history of the demonstrations and why they started, followed by a collection of communiques from demos that happened over the years. The zine does a good job of making the argument for why noise demos can be an important part of a larger anti-prison struggle. It also situates them in a context of international anarchist solidarity.

What Is Prisoner Support?

“What Is Prisoner Support” is a zine consisting of writing by current political prisoners on their thoughts on what prisoner support and solidarity means. Compiled for the No More Locked Doors Conference in 2015, this zine offers a number of different perspectives on the importance and necessity of prisoner support. It is especially strong in terms of hearing from prisoners on what support has meant to them during their incarceration. It’s also useful for understanding what types of support are most important and identifying areas where support may be lacking. Contributors range from MOVE prisoners to recently (2015) arrested anarchists such as Eric King.

Writing to Prisoners: Frequently Asked Questions

This pamphlet is a good introduction to the topic of writing to prisoners. It covers what is probably the most asked about question: “what should I write about?” in a lot of detail and includes a ton of helpful suggestions. It also includes tips for improving the chances that letters will get through, how to find prisoners, etc.

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