Seven Years Against Prison

Seven Years Against Prison

Seven Years Against Prison CoverThis zine celebrates seven years of prison noise demos in Southwestern Ontario. It features an essay recounting the history of the demonstrations and why they started, followed by a collection of communiques from demos that happened over the years. The zine does a good job of making the argument for why noise demos can be an important part of a larger anti-prison struggle. It also situates them in a context of international anarchist solidarity.

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Excerpt from Seven Years Against Prison

For the past seven years, anarchist and other radicals in Southwestern Ontario have celebrated New Year’s Eve with noise demos outside of the areas many prisons. We love to party and celebrate on New Year’s and this tradition has allowed us to do so in a spirit of antagonism and solidarity. We can have fun in a way that actually inspires us and that brings some joy to people who are locked up.

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