Starting an ABC Group: A Guide

Starting an ABC Group: A Guide
  • Published:2018
  • Added to Catalog: 2022
  • Pages: 88
  • Size: 8.5 x 5.5
  • Publisher: Anonymous
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This is a comprehensive guide to starting an Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) group to engage in prisoner support work. It covers the history of the ABC, what ABC groups do, and gives practical advice on starting a group. There is a series of short interviews with participants in different ABC groups about how and why they do the work they do, examples of how to organize, fundraising ideas, and more. There is even a section on burnout and some suggestions for avoiding it. This is a great resource for those interested in starting an ABC group.


Our tactics are based upon sharing and solidarity, not charity. More than ever, it is critically important to share the knowledge and organisational tips with people that want to take action. That is why we wrote this zine: shared knowledge is an important tool in fighting against repression.


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