Bounty Hunters & Child Predators

Bounty Hunters & Child Predators
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Subtitled “Inside the FBI Entrapment Strategy,” this zine published by Crimethinc in 2012 looks at recent trends in FBI repression against social struggles. In particular, the zine argues that the FBI has shifted its focus away from targeting experienced anarchists and instead is focusing its efforts on entrapping newer and less experienced anarchists. The zine offers a good analysis of the history and development of this phenomenon, as well as some suggestions for how to stop it.


None of the targets of these entrapment cases seem to be longtime anarchist organizers. None of the crimes they’re being charged with are representative of the tactics that anarchists have actually used over the past decade. All of the cases rest on the efforts of FBI informants to manufacture conspiracies. All of the arrests have taken place immediately before mass mobilizations, enabling the authorities to frame a narrative justifying their crackdowns on protest as thwarting terrorism. And in all of these cases, the defendants have been described as anarchists in the legal paperwork filed against them, setting precedents for criminalizing anarchism.


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