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The Invisible Ground

The Invisible Ground

Sub-titled “honoring each others security needs as an act of solidarity and liberation”, this short zine is a discussion of security culture that argues that respect for the security needs of our comrades is an essential aspect of any movement for liberation. It identifies a concept that the authors call “the invisible ground.” They use this concept to describe an imagined distinction between “under-” and “above-” ground activities. Instead the authors argue that there is a constantly shifting terrain in which the state is redefining the boundaries of “acceptable” and “unacceptable” protest. Rather than having a static conception of legality, the state always act to protect its interests and will shift the legality of various actions in an effort to repress movements. Consequently, the zine argues that it is always important to organize with good security culture to protect everyone involved regardless of the particulars of the action or organizing being considered.


The invisible ground, that the state tells us is there, that we may somehow remain above and avoid their retribution even if we act against their interests — Clearly that ground does not exist. It’s only an idea, and one that the state has control over through its relationship with corporate media.


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The Invisible Ground was added to Sprout Distro in 2020