Profiles of Provocateurs

Profiles of Provocateurs
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This zine by Kristian Williams, subtitled “Recent Case Studies; Warning Signs; Practical Advice,” presents profiles of recent provocateurs (Brandon Darby, “Anna,” “Bryan Owens”) used by the government to target anarchists. In all cases, there are patterns of behavior that are generally shared by most provocateurs that can be recognized. The key is not to jump to conclusions about a person’s intent, but to address problematic behavior immediately.


The conclusions ought to be commonsensical: Know the people you do political work with. The more risky the work, the better you need to know them. Be realistic about your skills, experience, understanding, and limitations -- and those of the people you work with. Use your own judgment in deciding what sort of work to pursue, what tactics to adopt, and the level of risk to accept. Don't let yourself be bullied, guilt-tripped, or baited into anything that seems to you like a bad idea. And don't shrug it off if something seems wrong.


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