Stop Hunting Sheep

Stop Hunting Sheep
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This zine offers a wealth of important ideas for countering state-led intelligence gathering efforts and makings safer and less penetrable networks. The zine attempts to move beyond simple snitch-jacketing and speculating by advocating for specific, reality-based approaches to gathering intelligence about potential informants within networks and developing concrete ways of verifying information. It also encourages addressing problematic behavior and individuals from the start and rejects the idea that individuals should just distance themselves from problematic individuals as it still leaves the network vulnerable.

NOTE: This is the second edition of the zine.


It must be made clear that if there is one thing to take from this pamphlet, there are no fool proofa methods for routing out undercovers and informants. This pamphlet is about exploring possibilities for countering covert investigative efforts initiated or assisted by police. The objective of countering all aspects of state-led intelligence gathering is not inherently to reveal undercover activity but to create a safer and less penetrable network to operate out of. Dialogue about this issue needs to be address with a bit of finesse as there are many dangers, disservices, and fruitless avenues people worried about undercover operations can explore.


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