Tech Tools for Activism

Tech Tools for Activism
  • Published:Unknown
  • Added to Catalog: 2013
  • Pages: 34
  • Size: 8.5 x 5.5
  • Publisher: Unknown
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Archived: Please do not distribute the zine. Some or all of the information it contains is outdated. We are keeping it online for historical purposes.

Tech Tools for Activism is another great zine that provides an introduction to computer security for activists. Undertaken as a collaboration between radical technology groups and collectives, this zine offers concrete alternatives for corporate and “unsecure” computer technologies including options for email, hosting websites, browsing the Internet, using mobile phones, and free software. This is a good introduction with practical examples on how and what to do to be more safer and more secure in your use of computers. This is “version 2.0” of the guide.


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