Toronto G20 Main Conspiracy Group

Toronto G20 Main Conspiracy Group
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This zine—sub-titled “The Charges and How They Came to Be”—explores the conspiracy case that came out of the G20 summit in Toronto, Canada in 2010. The zine examines the role anarchists played in organizing resistance to the G20 and the ways in which the state responded to this activity. While focusing on a specific case in Canada, it does present a clear picture in the ways states may respond in the future to those who organize resistance to political summits. The zine can help sharpen our understanding of how states use surveillance, infiltration, and the legal system itself to prevent people from acting.

Beyond telling this specific story of repression, it offers some helpful observations about how anarchists can step up their security practices in light of these events. It’s an important expansion on the topics raised in other more basic security culture zines.


The legal system is a weapon used against anarchists and against any group that poses a threat to the social order. Rather than just be outraged, let’s focus on the many lessons to be taken from this experience about how to organize more safely and effectively in the future. The goal of this paper is to offer a few of these lessons and provide enough information for other communities to draw their own conclusions.


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