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We Are Being Doxxed

We Are Being Doxxed

This short zine that provides a collection of helpful tips on how to avoid doxxing by alt-right and other adversaries. It encourages readers to take a minute to review their practices and to seriously consider their data security. There are tips on passwords, social media, email, and more. It is essential reading for anyone doing anarchist things in the contemporary period. The folks who made the zine have also produced a website – digitaldefense.noblogs.org – that contains additional information on the topics discussed in the zine.


No tool can save you from your behavior. We emphasize good practices over encouraging use of apps and programs. The internet is an incredibly volatile place and it’s important we have a critical and suspicious eye when thinking about how we exist online. We encourage you to walk through your online presence as an adversary, see what could be exploitable. Take steps to protect yourself from anyone gaining access or control of your accounts, but first weigh the risks of having your data compromised versus the utility its online access gives you. We’ve resisted and existed for centuries without the technology currently used, make sure only things you want to be online are online.


Note: Zine PDFs are hosted on Archive.org, a service that does not log IP addresses.

We Are Being Doxxed was added to Sprout Distro in 2020