Who are you Streaming For? Three Critiques of Livestreaming

Who are you Streaming For? Three Critiques of Livestreaming
  • Added to Catalog: 2021
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This zine presents a collection of three critiques against livestreaming. In recent years, the phenenomenon of livestreaming protests has become common. Aside from the problematic voyeurism that it encourages, livestreaming has also facilitated the repression of participants. After every heavily documented riot or demonstration, police -- and often citizen snitches -- have gone over livestreams and other photos to identify individuals for prosecution. Do we gain anything other than increased risk from livestreams? The three essays within look all the problems with livestreams. It also offers some tips for "safer" livestreaming, although honestly, we'd be best to do away with the practice entirely.


The critiques below are of how footage is taken and released. Of the motivations that people can have in obtaining that footage. And of the insistence to livestream events where people will be committing actions that police will seek to prosecute them for.


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