Who Needs The NSA When We Have Facebook?

Who Needs The NSA When We Have Facebook?
  • Added to Catalog: 2015
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This zine provides an excellent critique of Facebook and social networking websites more generally, arguing that they have no place within resistance movements. The argument isn’t just philosophical, but looks at some of the ways in which Facebook has been used against radicals. It specifically talks about the ways social networking websites are used by both government and private intelligence companies as a way to undermine social struggles. Ultimately, the zine argues against using social networking websites for political organizing. This is an important zine and one that should be widely read and discussed.


Social media normalizes relentless record-keeping of our lives and tracks us like never before. These sites give governments and businesses access to information that they would never have the time or resources to acquire on their own. It also avoids the scandal associated with the exposure of massive surveillance programs, because the subjects of these dossiers are the same people who produce and disseminate them.

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