An Anarchist Response to the Nihilists

An Anarchist Response to the Nihilists
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This zine consists of two essays written in the context of the anarchist space in Spain, “Communique for Anarchist Actions in Barcelona and Response to the Nihilist Comrades.” The essays offer a critique of nihilist activities in Spain and elsewhere, arguing that nihilists have a limited vision of what it will take to destroy the state, capital, patriarchy, and other systems of domination. The writings are offered as an act of solidarity and the author(s) are not interested in simply critiquing and/or dismissing nihilism, but rather engaging with it as a theory and practice whose adherents are comrades in struggle.

It’s a thoughtful exploration of the limits of nihilism and its frequent fetishizing of violence. The authors further charge that at the end of the day, nihilism results in a repetition of old leftist ideas under the guise of being something new. It’s definitely a thought provoking piece.


For us, the attacks against the system are essential to our struggle. But we’ve fooled ourselves. A struggle does not consist only in attacks. The attacks are not more important than the need to care for ourselves, to preserve and spread our collective history, to create relations based in the gift, solidarity, and reciprocity, to imagine new worlds and new struggles, to confront our isolation and establish subversive and honest relationships with people outside of the categoric and political ghetto in which the Spectacle hides us.


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