Theory Zines

These zines cover a broad swath of anarchist theory. Topics covered include green anarchy, insurrectionary anarchy, technology, critiques of the left, and more.

20 Theses on the Subversion of the Metropolis

Against Innocence

Against Social Networks & the False Communities of Capital

Against the Romance of Community Policing

An Anarchist Response to the Nihilists

Anarchism: What It Is, What It Ain't

Anarchy, Activism, and Insurrection

Another Critique of Insurrectionalism

Anti-Fascism Against Machismo: Gender, Politics, and the Struggle Against Fascism

At Daggers Drawn

Capitalism and the Mystique of the Local

Clash of Communities

Defining Gentrification & On Displacement: Two Essays

Deserting the Digital Utopia

For America To Live, Europe Must Die

From Politics to Life

Insurrectionary Ecology

Land & Liberty: Against The New City

Leftism 101

Not If, But Why?

Resignation is Death

Revolutionary Solidarity

Short Circuit

Some Notes on Insurrectionary Anarchism

Technological Addiction

Ten Blows Against Politics

The Delirious Momentum of the Revolt

The Economy is Suffering, Let it Die!

The Insurrectional Project

The Smartphone Society


Wager on the Future

What Anarchists Have been Saying for Years, and What Liberals Need to Start Hearing

Where Do We Meet Face To Face?

Why Civilization?