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At Daggers Drawn

This is a classic text of what is called “insurrectionary anarchism” – still as relevant as when it was written over a decade ago. It’s a poetic and impassioned indictment of the existent and a call to chose life over a passive (and pacified) existence. Alongside scathing critiques of the way things are, the text hints at the way things could be – if we shed our chains and act. Throughout the text the anonymous author presents a critique of the left, classical anarchist practices, and politics, counter-posing the idea of insurrection as an alternative.

At Daggers Drawn


One part of this society has every interest in its continuing to rule, the other in everything collapsing as soon as possible. Deciding which side one is on is the first step. But resignation, the basis of the agreement between the sides (improvers of the existent and its false critics) is everywhere, even in our own lives—the authentic place of the social war—in our desires and resoluteness as well as in our little daily submissions.


At Daggers Drawn was added to Sprout Distro in 2017