The Insurrectional Project

The Insurrectional Project
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This zine collects three pieces by Alfredo Bonanno that when presented together outline the basics of insurrectionary anarchist theory. The essays focus on changes in capitalism and the resulting need to change tactics and approaches, arguing that the classical approach of struggle in the workplace through trade unions is no longer relevant. In its place, Bonanno argues for an approach based on affinity, informality, permanent conflictuality, and attack. The text argues against formal organization, arguing that anarchists should instead began struggling and finding comrades, rather than perfecting analysis and waiting for some far off date in the future. While it was published in the late 1990s, the analysis continues to be relevant.


We insurrectionalist and revolutionary anarchists are not referring to something that is still to come about, but to something that is already happening. We are not referring to a remote, far off model, which, like dreamers, we are trying to bring back to life, unaware of the massive transformations that are taking place at the present moment. We live in our time. We are the children of the end of the millennium, actors taking part in the radical transformation of the society we see before us.


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