Insurrectionary Ecology

Insurrectionary Ecology
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This zine builds on the discussions raised by the journal “Do or Die: Voices from the Ecological Resistance” that sought to (in part) bring an insurrectionary politic into the ecological movements (such as Earth First!) in the United Kingdom. The author identifies “Do or Die” as a starting point and states that this zine is in part a response to the absence of that critique in the years since “Do or Die” stop publishing. The zine consists of the author’s personal responses to many impasses and limits that are facing those interested in ecological resistance. They seek to combine insights and approaches from insurrectionary currents and fuse them with ecological resistance. It’s a worthy project and this zine offers plenty to think about.


Our will to act is constantly co-opted and thwarted by other agendas that seek to control, media, or direct our actions with calls for reasonableness, coherence to ideology, or solidarity. If we have a genuine desire to defend our environment, to create new living situations with our friends, we should make sure we are informed, but we should go for it. It's only in genuine action that new realities will be found.


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