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Where Do We Meet Face To Face?

This short text originally appeared in 2001 in the anarchist publication “Killing King Abacus.” It explores the topic of alienation in contemporary society and its ever increasing pervasiveness. Arguing that “the system” wants people to be atomized and detached from each other and that atomization will continue as long as society exists, the author argues that anarchists can resist alienation by “…creating projects for ourselves which promote real interactions outside of the roles and relationships that social reproduction demands.” In doing this, anarchists will find new affinities and new prospects for destroying the existing order.

Where Do We Meet Face To Face?


Alienation is as old as civilization itself since the dawn of civilization corresponds with the origin of institutionalized power structures. But resistance to alienation is just as old. Every structure created by those in power for the purpose of controlling the interactions of individuals has met with resistance from those who do not want to be controlled. However, since this resistance has remained, for the most part, unconscious, un-willful and, thus, incoherent, social control has advanced to the point where now it often seems that there is no place left where individuals can truly meet face to face.


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