Resignation is Death

Resignation is Death

Resignation is Death CoverBy way of an engagement with contemporary nihilist writings, “Resignation is Death: Responding to the Negation of Anarchy” offers a critique of nihilist thought and practice (or lack there of) in the North American context. The critique is rooted in their experiences in Vancouver, BC and the growth of queer nihilism. The text intersperses insights gained from their local context with critical readings of various nihilist texts. The author argues that nihilism – especially in its North American manifestation – has become primarily an intellectual movement that holds any attempts by anarchists to actually do something in contempt.

The text has its flaws, but overall, it provides a thoughtful response to the nihilist provocation that has gained visibility in recent years.

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Excerpt from Resignation is Death

I am not convinced that cynical resignation or an arrogant hatred of all others who have not developed critiques of the left (although many have this somewhat implicitly) will bring us any closer to even glimmers of autonomy, from which a lived anarchy can be more thoroughly practiced, and in fact limits our capability to produce it in our daily lives. It may be that revolution (in a planetary moment) is not, nor ever has, nor will ever be possible, but that should never stop us from carrying out our desires whether in the form of attack, or in the development of and attempts to spread, ideas and rebellious social relationships. This is the only way that revolution will ever be possible, and since we can never know for certain whether it is possible, we should avoid cutting ourselves off from this, no matter what the circumstances.

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