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Technological Addiction

While dated, “Technological Addiction” by Chellis Glendinning offers a good starting point for considering the psychological damage wrought by technology and technological addition. Glendinning argues that technology has played a critical role in separating humans from the Earth and that the ensuing trauma has largely blinded us to its effects. This is essential reading!

Technological Addiction


What I am describing is a human-constructed, technology-centered social system built on principles of standardization, efficiency, linearity, and fragmentation, like an assembly line that fulfills production quotas but cares nothing for the people who operate it. Within this system, technology influences society. The automotive industry completely reorganized American society in the twentieth century. Likewise, nuclear weapons define global politics. At the same time, society reflects the technological ethos. The social organization of workplaces, as well as their architecture, reflects the mechanistic principles of standardization, efficiency, and production quotas.


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