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Ten Blows Against Politics

This short text originally published by Guerra Sociale is a short argument against politics and participation in the realm of politics. It highlights the way in which politics is an activity of separation, representation, impersonality, and control. It is especially strong in its arguments that political activity and the realm of politics is “spectacle”. This is a helpful text in articulating arguments against participation in the political process, and as such, may be particularly helpful during elections.

Ten Blows Against Politics


Politics is the art of accommodation. Always waiting for conditions to ripen, one ends up sooner or later forming an alliance with the masters of waiting. At bottom, reason, which is the organ of deferment, always provides some good reason for coming to an agreement, for limiting damages, for salvaging some detail from a whole that one despises.


Ten Blows Against Politics was added to Sprout Distro in 2016