Wager on the Future

Wager on the Future

Sub-titled “Anarchist organization, the Islamic State, the crisis, and outer space”, this zine is a strong attempt to think through the many challenges that are facing anarchists in the present moment. As the world crumbles at an increasing pace, anarchists seem to be struggling to engage on this terrain, often succumbing to either a kind of self-isolating defeatist position or a vague populist position, neither of which are spreading anarchist practices. The zine tries to dissect the reasons for this, attempting some analysis of the world and capitalism, before moving through the various failures of anarchist practice and organization. It ends on an optimistic note, proposing a “chaotic, pluralistic, ecosystemic” vision of revolt that encourages the development of complimentary and creative interplay between different currents rather than a generic “false unity”.


Without imagination, we have no revolutionary horizon. Without a renewed global analysis, we don’t understand what is happening in the world around us. And without enthusiasm, we cannot generate the conflictive projectuality that would enable us to learn in the course of action. We stagnate, we stop, we waste our energy on initiatives destined to failure.


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