New Zines in our Catalog

June 29, 2015

New Zines in our Catalog

We’ve added a few new zines to our catalog:

  • What Is Prisoner Support? – This zine comes out of the 2015 No More Locked Doors Conference and consists of statements by a current political prisoners about the importance of prisoner support and a discussion of what types of support they have found to be the most helpful.
  • Not If, But Why? – This zine compiles three essays out of Europe that raise critical questions about autonomous spaces. Especially worthwhile is the discussion about the tensions between institutionalization and illegality.
  • Of Martial Traditions & The Art of Rebellion – This zine looks at the ways in which military traditions and skills can be useful to the anarchist project.

Additionally, we added PDF versions of two classic Crimethinc guides because they fit well with tactical information on our site:

  • The Walls Are Alive! – A guide to doing graffiti including preparation, choosing targets, executing a plan, and evaluating the effects of a graffiti campaign.
  • A Civilian’s Guide to Direct Action – This is a nice short introduction to direct action, providing a working definition and going on to explain how to undertake an action. It covers preparation, logistics, legal information, media, etc. It’s a great introduction.

As always, we hope that these zines are useful to the larger anarchist space. We welcome suggestions for additional titles.

You can download and print these zines as PDFs as well as over 150 more on our site, or if you prefer, you can order copies from us either via Storenvy or by regular mail.

New Zines in our Catalog was published on June 29, 2015

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