New Zines in Our Catalog

July 27, 2015

New Zines in Our Catalog

We’ve added a few new zines to our catalog:

  • Who Needs the NSA when we have Facebook? – We recently received a copy of this zine from the folks at Burn Pile Press. It’s an excellent critique of Facebook and social networking websites more generally, arguing that they have no place within resistance movements. The argument isn’t just philosophical, but looks at some of the ways in which Facebook has been used against radicals.
  • 10 Steps for Setting Up a Blockade – This is a more recent zine on the topic of blockades. It covers the basics of why one might want to do a blockade, the specifics of organizing a blockade, scouting, roles, etc.
  • Let’s Talk Consent – This is a tri-fold pamphlet that explains the basic concepts of consent. It’s an excellent pamphlet to distribute when tabling, at anarchist spaces, at punk shows, or wherever it might be needed.
  • DIY Guide to Preventing Sexual Assault – This is another excellent pamphlet that provides a short guide to preventing sexual assault. It’s targeted primarily at the punk and/or anarchist subculture and is an excellent introductory pamphlet.

As always, you can download PDFs—with the exception of “Who Needs the NSA…”—of these zines and reproduce them at will. If you would like to order physical copies, you can do so via Storenvy or by getting in touch with us.

We also welcome suggestions for additional titles to carry. If you have any ideas, please get in touch.

New Zines in Our Catalog was published on July 27, 2015

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