New Zines in Our Catalog

July 09, 2017

New Zines in Our Catalog

We’ve added a handful of zines to our catalog:

  • Affinity Groups: Essential Building Blocks of Anarchist Organization – A recent guide published by Crimethinc to forming an affinity group.
  • A Critique of Ally Politics – A zine-formatted version of an excellent essay that appeared originally in “Rolling Thunder” and then was later republished in Taking Sides: Revolutionary Solidarity and the Poverty of Liberalism.
  • The Delirious Momentum of the Revolt – This zine is billed as “the complete works of A.G. Schwarz.” It’s very solid writing from an insurrectionary anarchist perspective that draws heavily on Greece for inspiration.
  • In Our Hands #1 – This is zine is consists of writings by the In Our Hands collective about their work using a community accountability approach to address sexual violence, abuse, and oppression.
  • Insurrectionary Ecology – This zine is a collection of reflections that builds on the writings of the UK-based eco-anarchist journal Do or Die. The zine is a humble attempt to fuse more eco-oriented and insurrectionary perspectives.

As always, all of these zines (among many others) are available as PDF downloads. We’re always looking to add more zines to our catalog, so please get in touch with recommendations. We are particularly interested in zines that deal with practical skills and/or those that offer theoretical insights that are useful in sharpening anarchists’ collective capacity to act.

New Zines in Our Catalog was published on July 09, 2017

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