New Zines: Seven Years Against Prison + More

March 30, 2016

New Zines: Seven Years Against Prison + More

We’ve been catching up on reading zines over the past few weeks and are continuing to add titles to our catalog. Here’s a few recent additions:

  • Seven Years Against Prison – This zine celebrates seven years of prison noise demos in Southwestern Ontario. It features a essay on the history of the demos and why they started, as well as communiques for each years demo. It’s a good example of a practice that can be used to build solidarity with those in prison and the international anarchist space.
  • Toronto G20 Main Conspiracy Group – This zine presents a solid analysis of the conspiracy charges that arose out of anarchist efforts to organize against the G20 summit in Toronto in 2010. It explores the way the state built its conspiracy case and draws important security lessons from the experience. The zine provides an important contribution to conversations around security culture.
  • The Spaces Between – This zine features a series of questions and responses from anarchists living in areas outside the “hot spots” of anarchy in North America. From rural areas to smaller towns, this zine centers the experience of those who aren’t living in places with large numbers of anarchists. The discussion covers a range of topics including dealing with isolation, what folks are working on, how people deal with the left, and how people relate to the larger anarchist space. This is critical reading!

All of these zines are available as PDF files for reproduction and distribution. If you need printed copies, they can be ordered from us.

As always, we encourage folks to spread these zines far and wide.

New Zines: Seven Years Against Prison + More was published on March 30, 2016

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