New Zines: Resignation is Death, Against Social Networks, + More

August 24, 2016

New Zines: Resignation is Death, Against Social Networks, + More

New Zines: Resignation is Death, Against Social Networks, + More

We have added a few new zines and pamphlets to our zine catalog. As always, we encourage people to download and distribute them.

The new zines are:

  • Resignation is Death – A critical engagement with nihilist ideas and practice (or lack thereof) in North America. It’s a thoughtful response compared with much of the other discussion about nihilism in the anarchist space.
  • Against “Social Networks” & the False Communities of Capital – This zine is offers a comprehensive critique of “social networks”. It goes beyond just looking at the particulars of each technology but rather looks at how the technologies as a whole embody capitalist values. It also explores the ramifications of their use on social movements.
  • Give Up Activism – This is a classic critique of the way in which radicals adopt the “activist” role and engage uncritically in “activism” as a practice. Even though it was written nearly 17 years ago, it remains a helpful piece of writing.
  • Crowbar Chronicles – This zine is a poetic ode to the lifestyle of squatting as expressed by an anonymous squatter participating in the European autonomous movement. Their recollections of the lessons learned and the joys experienced is a helpful anecdote to the cynicism that pervades a lot of anarchist writing.
  • Ten Blows Against Politics – Another “classic” piece from Guerra Sociale that articulates the problems with “politics” and participation in the “political” process. It’s a helpful text for the election year.
  • 9 Theses on Insurgency – This zine is a response to the “impasse” facing anarchists over the all-too-common question of “what is to be done?” In it, they argue against “activism” and in favor of embracing insurgency.
  • 20 Theses on the Subversion of the Metropolis – This text is another one that has been distributed frequently over the past decade in North America, but retains its relevancy as a an analysis of contemporary capitalism and what the authors call “the metropolis.”

If you would like additional zines, check out the PDF section of our website. We also welcome suggestions, so please get in touch if you have ideas for something that we should carry.

New Zines: Resignation is Death, Against Social Networks, + More was published on August 24, 2016

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