New Zines in Our Catalog

January 07, 2015

New Zines in Our Catalog

We’ve added eight new zines to our distro catalog. They cover a wide range of topics including anarchist assemblies, how we relate to each other in anarchist spaces, feminist communication, and how alienation impacts how we relate to others.

Some of the folks that published them include Ruine des Kapitals, AFFECT, Ill Will Editions, and Support NY. You can check out their websites for more zines.

As always, we’re happy to mail copies, you can order online (using Storenvy) or get in touch to order by mail. Otherwise, everything is available to download and print in PDF format.

Here’s the new zines organized by “category” (an always somewhat imperfect way to group things…)

Accountability & Consent






Lastly, we enjoy hearing feedback. If you find these zines useful (or not), we’d love to hear from you about what you use them for, etc, etc. We also welcome suggestions for additional titles to add to our catalog.

New Zines in Our Catalog was published on January 07, 2015

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